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Homeowners in Madison, WI, and the surrounding areas searching for a company offering basement waterproofing near me need look no further than Amax Construction. Our team provides over twenty years of combined experience and expertise in providing a full range of commercial and residential waterproofing services. We provide quality installation and repair services combined with attention to detail for projects both large and small.

Our waterproofing services include the use of the latest in waterproofing solutions to provide lasting protection for your home or commercial property. We offer fully transparent pricing, a free quote, and free consultation to determine the specific needs for your property.

Signs of Basement Leak Problems

Many home and business owners in Madison, WI, and the surrounding areas do not recognize the signs of water leaks or seepage into the basement. However, there are some easy to spot indications that basement waterproofing is needed for any type of structure.

A musty odor or a mildew smell is often the most obvious sign of water seepage through the basement walls. Another easy to spot issue is a powder or chalk-like residue on the walls, which is salt and mineral coating from the dissolved solids in the water. These are signs of significant water seepage. In these cases, residential waterproofing should be a priority to avoid additional costs in repairing the foundation and interior of the basement.

The classic sign you need waterproofing services is the presence of small to large cracks in the concrete. These may or may not extend to the outside of the foundation when first noticed, but they do become more problematic with time.

Sometimes, water damage occurs when rainwater accumulates outside of the house and rises to the level to come in through the walls and over the foundation. In these cases, waterproofing services may need to be combined with improved drainage for the home or business.

Our Services

In addition to offering basement waterproofing, Amax Construction can also provide residential concrete repairs and installation, epoxy flooring, as well as commercial services. When you need quality waterproofing services in the area, turn to the professionals at Amax Construction.

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Basement waterproofing is an effective preventive solution to keep your home safe and dry. Our experienced crew at Amax Construction LLC has been the trusted choice for homeowners in Madison, WI and surrounding areas for the last six years. We are specialists in residential waterproofing, epoxy floors, coating, and concrete services.

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We use only the highest quality products to ensure superior results. We are locally-owned and operated and our methods are fast and effective. When you need quality waterproofing to make your home more comfortable or to get it ready for sale, call us today at 608-395-5498 or contact us online anytime.

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Amax Construction, owned by Amando and Fidel Cabrera, started in 2014. With over 20 years of combined experience in construction, we pride ourselves on giving the highest quality results.